Health Activation & Disease Prevention Using Data and CBT

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The Problem

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    Unhealthy lifestyle choices are the main reason for most of the chronic diseases

    According to CDC every 3 out of 4 will develop a chronic condition

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    Existing REACTIVE healthcare system fails to address this issue due to lack of preventive infrastructure

    86% of healthcare spendings are for treating chronic diseases

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    People are left alone with their health problems in between doctor visits

    Healthcare delivery is symptom-centric instead of being people-centric

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    There is gap of knowledge, tools and motivation to boost the necessary behavior changes in population

    Current patient portals proved to be useless and outdated

The Solution

Prevention-centric platform to help all stakeholders shape a new, proactive healthcare ecosystem

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    Actionable Data

    Anteo Analytics Engine, powered by hundreds of health data points from wearables & health applications and evidence-based clinical research from leading health organizations, produces personalized lifestyle and preventive care recommendations.

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    Personalized Care

    A team of the best professionals including Functional MDs, Nutritionists, CBT experts & Health Coaches will review the produced recommendations, put those into personalized action plans, monitor the process of care & support consumers in real-time; and all through the Anteo Care Management App.

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    People-Centric Delivery

    Personalized lifestyle & preventive care plan narrated and monitored by experts, actionable insights into current and future health, interactive health education and 24/7 access to a dedicated health team - all through the Anteo Consumer App.

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