Why Anteo?

Improve Outcomes

Increase compliance and treatment outcome while saving tens of hours on patient education.

Deliver Premium Care

Engage and communicate with your patients right from their pocket. Personalized care they will love!

Attract New Patients

We handle your marketing and channel patients to your practice, enabling you to focus on providing care.

How It Works?

1. Choose your program

Select our pre-made templates based on validated clinical protocols or create and customize your own treatment program.

2. Setup patient enrollment

Quickly and smoothly have your patients self-enroll in your prescribed program.

3. Deliver personalized care

Manage & engage your patients with automated health monitoring and communication.

4. Receive your payments

Receive payments from your patients directly through Strip or Paypal.

Program Design

Anteo’s intuitive program builder lets you create patient-specific & content-rich care programs with text, audio, video, and customizable questionnaires. Set personalized health goals and select relevant biomarkers for patients to track.

Care Personalization

Smoothly monitor your patients’ progress in real-time by getting analyzed data from their wearable devices. Set patient engagement on autopilot - have automated communications and reminders sent if the patient gets off his or her treatment track.

Health Analytics

Anteo’s integrated analytics engine delivers health risk insights for your entire population. Quickly find subgroups of patients in your practice such as high-risk, noncompliant, symptomatic, or progressing patients and set up automated treatment adjustments and communication for each subgroup.


You pay only for paying patients - we make money only when you do. Get in touch for more details.

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How can Anteo help my business?

First, you will have an all-in-one platform to run your online business, and second, we will bring you more clients through our marketplace

How will I host my sessions?

You can use our video conferencing & chat to run group as well as one-on-one sessions. Clients will join you via Anteo mobile app

How will I get new clients?

We run marketing campaigns targeted towards specific health needs of consumers and match them with respective offers that you place

Can I get my payments via Anteo?

Absolutely! You can setup one-time as well as recurring payments, link your Stripe account to Anteo and collect payments from your clients

Can I invite my existing clients?

Yes! Actually all of the practitioners who work with us have done so and Anteo helped them to reduce time spent on manual work by 80%

Can I offer digital programs?

Yes! You can use our program builder, create evergreen or drip content and keep your clients engaged in between sessions

Is Anteo HIPAA compliant?

Yes! All the client data that you work with is encrypted during the transfer and is stored secuerly

Can we use Anteo as a team?

Yes! If you are providing team-based care to your clients then you got the right collaboration tool for your entire team to work with clients

How much does Anteo cost?

Unlike typical platform providers, we don't charge you big monthly fees. We make money only when you do. Contact us for more details