Anteo Helps Healthcare Practitioners Start and Grow Their Online Business

All-in-one solution to create and sell your digital health programs & services

How It Works

1. Design Your Program

Design your branded digital health programs & services and select the membership tiers of your choice (individual & group) through our intuitive program builder.

2. Enroll Clients

Grow your market share - attract new clients through your program landing page and smoothly import your existing clients by connecting Anteo to your current system (we help with data migration).

3. Provide Online Care

Provide personalized care via automated curriculum, analyze your clients' behavior and engage them through a wide-range of communication capabilities that include chat, telehealth and group discussions

Program Design

Anteo offers a flexible cloud platform to design your online health program. Add rich content, configure trackers, forms, connect with wearables, turn on rule engine triggers, set your membership, assign health team, enroll clients and launch.
Need help with content creation? We got you covered via our partner program.

Care Coordination

Your clients will go through the fully automated program agenda via our iOS and Android apps while you can analyze their behavior & progress in real-time and adjust the plan on the go.
Offer your support and engage them through a wide-range of communication capabilities that include chat, telehealth and group discussions.

Health Analytics

Working with large number of clients makes it challenging to keep the focus where it's mostely needed. Our machine learning powered analytics engine offers you and your clients with automatic recommendations, insights and decision support. Follow your population trends and zoom in when there is an escalation requiring your attention.

What You'll Get

Online Program Builder

Our intuitive program builder will let you create content-rich programs with quizes and trackers, price them and offer under individual and group membership tiers.

Branded Landing Page

Get your own landing page and use it to generate leads and enroll your clients smoothly. Run A/B tests and identify the best programs and services to offer.

Your Own Patient App

Offer your clients with the best experience to follow their program on iOS and Android phones. Make them accountable to their health and loyal to your brand.

Digital Content Library

Create and maintain your digital content in a centralized hub. Recommendations, lessons, quizes, forms and receipts, all the building blocks you need for your program.

Built-in Communication Tools

Tired of using multiple tools to communicate with your clients? Use our HIPAA compliant chat & video conferencing to be in touch with your clients.

Online Care Coordination

Analyze your clients' behavior & progress in real-time and adjust the program on the go. No more printouts & instructions, just adjust the plan & push it on client's app.


You pay only for paying clients (plus a nominal fee) - so we make money only when you do


Best for solo practitioners who want to increase their client base & service quality


  • 1 Practitioner Account

  • 2 Client Accounts

  • +5$/ mo for every additional client




For clinics and groups of practitioners who want to scale fast while working as a team


  • 5 Practitioner Accounts

  • 10 Client Accounts

  • +5$ /mo for every additional client

  • +20$ /mo for every additional practitioner



For large health systems and health plans who want to engage their populations


  • All From Team +

  • Media-Rich Content Production

  • Custom Integrations

  • Dedicated Support Team


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