Why Anteo?

Streamlined Therapy Process

Save your team hundreds of hours on therapy planning and delivery

Improved Outcomes

Increase patient compliance and improve treatment outcomes

Happier Patients

Focus on providing care, and helping your patients succeed

How It Works?

Transform your vision therapy process by bringing treatment planning and home-therapy under one cloud-based, HIPAA compliant, mobile platform

Prescribe a personalized treatment program

Save hundreds of hours when you prescribe our fully customizable, optometrist-designed homework treatment templates, choose activities from our growing library, or create your own personalized treatment plans. The patient’s access to activities is fully under your control.

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Enroll your patient with a single click

Send a quick email or text message invitation, without interruption to your office workflow. Patient enrolls, downloads, and accesses their treatment all in one easy and convenient app. Collect your one time or monthly patient payments via anteo or your own service.

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Have the patient conveniently follow their treatment

Anteo provides homework education, reminders, and tracking in between office visits. The patient conveniently follows their homework program with written and video instructions, built in tools like a timer and metronome, and can view their treatment progress.

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Get insights on home-therapy progress

Get insights on the patient’s weekly progress and adjust their treatment when needed. Know how frequently they performed each activity and how difficult it was before they walk in the door.

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Streamline patient communication & education

Enable secure chat and video consultations between your office and the patient. Engage patients through education and measure their progress through customizable symptom questionnaires.


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Is Anteo HIPAA compliant?

Yes! All the patient data that you work with is encrypted during the transfer and is stored secuerly. We also sign BAA if you request

Can I customize Anteo activities?

Yes! You're free to use our activities, modify them, and create your own activites from scratch. Your content is available only in your account

How much does Anteo cost?

Unlike typical platform providers, we don't charge you big monthly fees. And we don't charge your patients. Contact us for more details

Can I get my payments via Anteo?

Absolutely! You can setup one-time as well as recurring payments, link your Stripe account to Anteo and collect payments from your patients

Can I invite my existing patients?

Yes! Actually all of the practitioners who work with us have done so and Anteo helped them to reduce time spent on manual work by 80%

Does Anteo offer kits for patients?

We don't, as we do only what we're great at - building technology. But our partner Emergant VT offers a special Anteo kit with 10% discount!

Can we use Anteo as a team?

Yes! If you are providing team-based care to your patients then we have the right collaboration tool for your entire team

Do I need training to use Anteo?

We've built Anteo to offer a seamless experience to our users. And we offer free training for you & your team if you'll need it

I'm a new VTOD, is Anteo for me?

Anteo is a perfect fit for both developing and seasoned practitioners. It will help build & develop your vision therapy practice